De Beers, Luk Fook to Co-Brand Grading Reports

De Beers’ polished-grading unit has partnered with Hong
Kong-based jeweler Luk Fook to produce co-branded diamond reports for the
retailer’s customers.

The arrangement with the International Institute of Diamond
Grading Research (IIDGR) will enable Luk Fook to present customers with a
magnified image of a diamond’s “light performance pattern,” giving them more
information about the jewelry on offer, De Beers said Thursday.

The program, which launched Thursday in Hong Kong and Macau,
will potentially expand to other parts of Greater China at a later stage, De
Beers added.

“As customers continue to seek ever-greater confidence in
diamonds, we are seeing increased demand from major diamond jewelry retailers
for the innovative solutions that IIDGR can provide,” said Jonathan Kendall, the
institute’s president. “This new initiative with Luk Fook highlights the rapid
international growth we are seeing in the business, and we look forward to a
long and successful partnership.”

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