Rapaport TradeWire March 30, 2017

Polished trading stable. Optimism from Hong Kong
show, diminishing with trading expected to slow in April during Passover and
Easter spring break

Sentiment weaker amid reports of cautious trading
at Basel show. Buyers are selective, filling specific orders and avoiding large
inventory purchases

Polished trading slow
after March show season. Very few dealers in the bourse, with Israeli buyers
looking for goods in India and suppliers selling in New York and Hong Kong
before the Passover break (April 11 to 18)

India: Steady trading, with US and Israeli dealers looking
for goods in Mumbai. Manufacturers holding prices firm for new RapSpec A2+

The market is stable, with consistent demand for
0.30 to 1.10-carat, G-J, VVS2-SI2 diamonds.Some wholesalers still
filling orders from Hong Kong show

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